By The Numbers

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By The Numbers

Accounts and Identity

20 New applications integrated with Identity Management
938 Subscription databases and e-book, video, audio, and e-journal collections accessible via the Library Proxy Services

Collaboration Services

135 Listserv mailing lists currently supported
842 Connect mailing lists managed
2,979 Connect accounts hosted
35,641 Active U-Mail Student email accounts supported

Information Security

1,165 Employees participated in the info security
17,817 Vulnerability scans conducted
18,504 Instances of apparently malicious traffic from external sites blocked

Network, Remote Access Connectivity

81 Wireless access points installed in 21 buildings
93 VPN support request tickets serviced
110 Building switches maintained
250 Subnets with access control lists supported on core routers
394 Secure Socket Layer certificates issued
624 Wireless access points in 75 buildings maintained
765 Active Secure Socket Layer certificates managed
2,728 VPN accounts supported representing 163 departments
33,415 Wireless service accounts supported across 96,403 devices
7.6 Petabytes transported on border routers annually
99.992% Campus network uptime at the building switch


10 Info sessions and forums hosted
200 Staff on the Systems Communication Network
30,703 Visits to the ETS website
62,093 ETS website unique pageviews
83,424 ETS website pageviews

Physical Security

13 New video security cameras deployed
93 Security cameras hosted in 17 locations

Project Management

33 Local UCPath business processes documented & reviewed
94 Local UCPath business processes identified
132 Departments interviewed regarding Kronos usage

Server Services

50 Departments host equipment at the North Hall Data Center
220 Physical servers on 56 racks managed in the North Hall Data Center; where server virtualization is used, a physical service can host up to 50 virtual servers


25 Miles of communications cabling installed
648 Customers use the radio service
2,338 Telecommunications customer service requests
3,750 Student residences utilize Cable TV service
4,300 Telephone lines maintained
1.7M Radio transmissions processed annually
1.9M Outgoing calls processed annually
$104K Late/defaulted utility charges from non-University entities collected

Web Hosting

22 Drupal websites hosted
75 Campus web sites utilize ETS Web Analytics

Workplace Services

144 Library computers installed with Cybrarian
144 Library circulation desktops managed
154 New Library work stations supported
694 Total users supported
1,010 Total work stations supported
5,661 Employees use Kronos for timekeeping