Important Calendar Migration Information

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September 4, 2015

As has been previously announced, we are migrating from Oracle Calendar to Connect (Google) Calendar in one week. Please review the notes below to prepare yourself for the migration.

  • Please do NOT access Oracle Calendar (or Google Calendar) beginning 5:00pm on Thursday, September 10th through 8:00am on Monday, September 14th. This includes using your mobile devices.
  • Your Meetings, Day Events, and Daily Notes from January 1, 2013 into the future will be migrated to Connect Calendar. If you want to retain information prior to that date, instructions for exporting your calendar can be found at:  
  • Prior to September 10th, we strongly recommend that you print out your Oracle Calendar schedule for the month of September so you can refer to it during the outage.
  • Sharing of your Connect Calendar (i.e., “Access Rights” in Oracle Calendar) will be set to “See only free/busy (hide details)”. You will need to configure sharing for individuals who need to see more or who manage your calendar. NOTE: Please be aware that if you make someone your delegate, s/he can see your “private” events.
  • Depending on your department’s directive, resources (e.g., rooms, vacation schedules) will be migrated. Their names will be slightly different and sharing will need to be assigned. Please contact your local department support if you need access to a resource. • Day Events (flag) and Daily Notes (pushpin) in Oracle Calendar will both become “All day” events in Connect Calendar.
  • Tasks in Oracle Calendar will not migrate. To retain a copy, “show all tasks” and print to a PDF. Ask your local department support if you don’t see this option.
  • Meeting “Details” (notes you shared with invitees in Oracle Calendar) will migrate to Connect Calendar, but “Personal Notes” (notes only you could see in Oracle Calendar) will not. Meeting attachments will not migrate.
  • Some complex repeating meetings may not stay “chained” together; there is a possibility that they will appear as individual events.
  • The default for event reminders is 10 minutes in Connect Calendar (the default in Oracle Calendar was 15 minutes). You will be able to change this after September 14th.
  • There is a chance that meeting notifications for past meetings may be re-sent during the migration. Connect Calendar training information may be found online at: