UCOP Mainframe Migration on Sunday, October 11, 2015

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October 9, 2015

This weekend, the UC Office of the President (UCOP) will migrate their major mainframe workloads, including PPS and VPS Printing Services, from UCOP in Oakland to UC San Diego (UCSD). The outage is expected to begin at 11pm on Saturday, October 10 and end at 11;30am on Sunday, October 11.

During the migration, our UCSB mainframe will remain operational. However, two services will be affected:

1) Mainframe-to-mainframe file transfers between UCSB and UCOP will not occur.

2) Printing from UCSB's system will not occur as we route through UCOP's systems. However, output will be saved and routed once UCOP's systems are back online. This includes the ETS Mainframe PDF service.

Departments that have firewall rules in place may need to update these rules to reflect the new ip addresses at UCSD. If you can connect to PPS after the migration but cannot print, a firewall or router rule will be the first place to look.

Finally, ETS will coordinate communications from UCSB to UCOP on Sunday regarding the migration. If you encounter an issue or concern that needs to be addressed on Sunday, please send an email to Kirk Grier at kirk.grier@ucsb.edu. On Monday, please contact your local IT support team and/or send an email to oist-security@ucsb.edu