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As of Summer 2018 we are excited to annouce that ETS Sites is transtiioning to Pantheon's commercial Drupal hosting platform, and will expand to include WordPress sites, the Pantheon CDN (Fastly cloud edge platfrom and managed HTTPS via Let's Encrypt) and other components of the Pantheon suite. ETS is joining with LSIT and ECI in moving our existing site to Pantheon in the coming months. So stay tuned for more info on this evolving service!

The service as noted below is deprecated. For info on where we are going, and to enquire about being a future customer please send an email to kgrier @

ETS Sites is a website hosting and content management service based on the Drupal content management system. Drupal hosting differs from basic website hosting in that it provides for easy self-editable content, simple web forms you can create on-the-fly, and myriad advanced features that are available via plug-in "modules". Our service provides hosting of the Drupal platform along with ongoing maintenance and management to ensure 24x7x365 availability, performance, and security.

The ETS Sites service package includes the following:

  • 5 GB of dedicated site storage (more can be allocated for an additional fee)
  • High-availability, high-performance web server hosting
  • Separate development version of website so that changes can be implemented and reviewed without affecting the public-facing version of your site
  • Ongoing maintenance of platform security via regular updates
  • Daily backup with ability to restore data up to two months
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime via automated system monitoring
  • Website forms with e-mail submission support
  • Service calls during normal UCSB business hours (8a - 5p weekdays)
  • Site traffic reporting and analysis via ETS Web Analytics
  • Rate packages for both simple sites (less than 10 pages) and more complex offerings
  • Annual-in-advance billing, coordinated at the beginning of each fiscal year and prorated for partial year support

Our service specifically excludes:

  • Initial website design and development — We recommend Ocean O' Graphics as the on-campus experts in Drupal website development 
  • Ongoing site updates required by Drupal platform changes — Each Drupal platform version is supported by the authors for approximately 6 years, after which we can no longer continue to provide hosting. Major version updates to the Drupal platform may require design changes to your site for which you'll need to coordinate with your site developers. We recommend planning to undergo a site upgrade every 4-5 years.

For more details on ETS Sites including hosting rates or to contact us for service, see our Service-Level Agreement.