Desktop TN3270 Software

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For access to UCSB and UCOP mainframe services we recommend using the MochaSoft TN3270 client. UCSB provides a site licensed version for the Windows and Macintosh Desktop OS platforms which allows the emulator to be used without cost by University of California employees. 

The link below is to the MochaSoft TN3270 client download page. Please select, download and install the correct TN3270 client for your desktop OS. The information you need to connect to either UCSB or UCOP mainframe services is in the table below. You may wish to refer to our legacy client setup guides for tips on tuning session parameters. Once you have confirmed the client works, please contact your departmental IT Support who likely already have the license key. If they do not, please have them contact the Enterprise Technology Service Center as indicated below.

Link to MochaSoft TN3270 Client Downloads:

Mainframe Service           Hostname                        TCP Port                                                  

UCSB Com-Plete                     992    SSL enabled

UCOP PPS                         992    SSL enabled

Legacy UCSB MochaSoft Client Instructions - Mac OS X and Windows 

For assistance or further information contact the Enterprise Technology Service Center at:
Support is available during regular business hours (8:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday excluding UCSB Administrative holidays).