Desktop TN3270 Software

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As an alternative to the Host On-Demand Java-based TN3270 emulator, customers can install the MochaSoft TN3270 client. UCSB provides a company license for the Macintosh which allows the emulator to be used without cost by University of California employees. 

The links below are direct to the MochaSoft clients and their respective readme files. Please review our client setup instructions, download the client, install it, and verify that it works using our instructions. Then contact us for the license key by sending an email to

UCSB MochaSoft Client Instructions - Mac OS X and Windows 

Link to Macintosh OS X TN3270 (Lion and Mountain Lion) Client Download and README

Link to Windows 7/8 and Vista+ XP TN3270 with .NET 2.0 Client Download and README

For assistance or further information contact Terry Malosh at or 805-893-3521