Doing Business with NHDC

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Becoming a customer of NHDC involves several steps. Our goal is to guide you in successfully moving into our facility, and joining our customer community. Here is a overview of the steps you need to take. If you have any questions, please drop us a note at .

1) Review the NHDC Service Level Agreement & Service Description to get a basic understanding of what we offer at the NHDC.

2) Review the Data Center Access & Etiquette page to understand the access and expectations of using the NHDC.

3) Review the New Customer Considerations Checklist.

4) Review the Use Cases and Limitations FAQ.

5) If you want to host equipment in the NHDC, head to the Equipment Processing page to submit an inventory to us. Once we receive your inventory, we will contact you to discuss needs and plan installation of your equipment.

6) Prior to equipment installation,  customer and NHDC will review the expectations for both parties and sign the Service Level Agreement.