New Customer Considerations Checklist

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The following are items to consider before hosting equipment in NHDC.

1)  The NHDC service offering is designed for remote administration of systems hosted in the facility.  Accordingly only enterprise grade servers with "lights out" or equivalent remote control / management / administration are suitable for hosting. Your decision to host equipment not enterprise grade, will not entitle you to off-hours access privileges.

2) NHDC does not supply KVM type switching equipment, and recommends that all such technology, if required, be IP based. NHDC will provide a crash cart with monitor, keyboard and mouse for customer use.

3) You need to itemize each item to be hosted in NHDC on the Equipment Intake form so we can properly plan for your equipment placement. A maximum of 38U space is available per rack. All equipment must be racked. No shelving is allowed.

4) Make sure that all equipment widths will fit within the 19" (482.6,mm) NHDC standard rack. For undersized equipment, the customer must supply all necessary mounting adapters.

5) For fire safety purposes, all equipment casing, mounting and other external components must be metallic and intended for data center use.

6) For each piece of equipment requiring power, verify that it is capable of operating on 230V+ power. Equipment requiring 110-120V power will require a customer supplied step down transformer. We would prefer you not require stepdown transformers. 

7) For powered equipment, verify that the power connectors all terminate to the C13 or C19 type. Equipment that does not fall into this default category will require the purchase of special power connectors providing the appropriate adaptation. NHDC generally provides appropriate power cords. 

8) For completely filled cabinets, there is a maximum of 30 available power receptacles. This specification is subject to change as power strip models change. 

9) Fully pre-assembled racks being shipped from a vendor to NHDC must be handled in advance by special arrangement with NHDC management.

10) For any specific component requiring some assembly, pre-assemble it prior to shipment to NHDC. This will save time and also allow for dimensional checking.

11) If the equipment is to be mounted on rails, verify that the specific rails and mounting hardware are available and correspond to the appropriate pieces of equipment. Racks are APC NetShelter SX 42U / AR1300.

12)  If the equipment is to be bolted down directly into the rack, verify that the appropriate bolts and mounting tabs are available. Racks are APC NetShelter SX 42U / AR1300.

13)  Equipment should be labeled so that it may be unambiguously identified by support staff. Place a copy of the same label on the rear of the equipment, as centrally located as is possible.

14)  Predetermine the number and type of network connections for each piece of equipment. NHDC supplies copper cabling to top of rack (ToR) network switching equipment. Default network ports are copper 10/100/1000 ethernet. NHDC supplies the patch cables.

15)  For high reliability purposes and ease of remote management,  we recommend thinking about  why you would need physical access to the server, and then designing your system so that those are no longer necessary. If you have a piece of equipment that, by its nature, requires regular access, we advise against its placement in NHDC.