Workstation Support - Service Description

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End User Computing

Service Description

Network Support

Install, configure and maintain appropriate workstation network communications equipment and software to support departmental requirements that may span several networking environments and protocols.

Configure and maintain department’s networking “switch” equipment and individual workstation connectivity to this equipment.

If the department chooses to do so, register workstation IP addresses with the campus Domain Name Service (DNS).

Customer Support

  • Provide assistance with configuration of workstations to be purchased by department.  Verify that selected workstation configuration will, indeed, function as intended in target environment.
  • Assemble and fully configure workstations purchased by department.  When this task is completed, the customer should be able to begin working as they intended.
  • Provide operating system installation and ongoing support in the Windows and Mac OS environments.
  • Assemble and fully configure printers purchased by department.
  • Investigate and resolve problems with printing to departmental printers.  This includes support for workstation components, appropriate printer queue services and printers.
  • Install, configure and upgrade (as directed by the department) “standard” workstation software.
    • Initial training and basic knowledge of these programs is the responsibility of the individual customer.
  • The Workstation Support Group will provide support for the following products:


    CorporateTime (Oracle Calendar) Client

    Mulberry Email Client

    Thunderbird Email Client

    IS&C Host on Demand Client

    Please contact your workstation support staff for information regarding these products.

  • Investigate and resolve, when possible, any problems or conflicts that involve network or workstation services. This will include problems related to connectivity to services both internal and external to the department.
  • Provide general workstation assistance when requested.
  • Occasionally, as part of our conflict resolution efforts and as a last resort, we may temporarily disable or de-install software which appears to be problematic.

Research and Development

  • Advise department on networking directions and implications.
  • Serve as a resource for members of department with regards to software and hardware options and features appropriate for department computing environment.
  • Participate in special projects appropriate to this endeavor and selected by department.
  • Participate in campus-wide, local organizations and national electronic discussion groups in those areas relevant to this enterprise.
  • Attend appropriate seminars, conferences and demonstrations.

Coordination with the Workstation Support Group

______________ will be your single point of contact within the Workstation Support Group. All requests for service should be sent to this person (these persons).  These requests can be sent via electronic mail.  We'd prefer electronic mail be used since it better allows us to organize and track your service requests and our delivery.  If necessary, requests can also be made by telephone.

Cellular Phone: (use in urgent situations only)

Department Contacts

Primary Contact:                 
Secondary Contact:           

All requests for service should be sent from the primary or secondary contact to your IS&C Workstation Support Group Staff.

Requests generally will fall into two categories:

  • Maintenance: Work needing to be done on existing equipment or software. We’d appreciate the department’s contact spending a couple of minutes verifying the problem before contacting us.
  • Research:  Investigations into new equipment or software.

We will keep track of all requests for both maintenance and research and will weekly report their status to your group's primary contact. We hope to always be "singing from the same page" with regard to the work we are doing for you.

Levels of Service

The 100 Workstations per FTE Service

Since the inception of the Workstation Support Service staff has been assigned based on the assumption that 1 FTE would support/administer 100 workstations. The Workstation Support Service Description is based on this assumption.

Beginning in Fiscal Year: 2011-2012

In response to the extraordinary budget situation imposed for fiscal year 2011-12, we convened our Department Representatives and, together, crafted an optional alternative service based on the assignment of 1 FTE for every 110 workstations.

Department Representatives may choose between the 100 Workstation/FTE service or the 110 Workstation/FTE service option for all of the workstations supported.

Guided by the Department Representatives, the following were decided as differences between this new service offering and our traditional service.

The 110 Workstation per FTE Service

The 110 Workstation per FTE Service would have the following additional characteristics:

1. All communication of requests for service would come ONLY from the department's Primary Contact.

2. The department would standardize on several software products, which would include email client software and the version of MS Office used throughout the department.

3. Requests for service may be responded to within 2 or 3 business days (whereas the "regular" service would likely have same day response)

4. Priority would always be given to urgent requests from those receiving "regular" service

Service Costs 2011-2012




100 workstations/FTE


.01 FTE

110 workstations/FTE


.009 FTE

Please provide the University Account Number to be charged for this service.

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