We strongly recommend enrolling at least two devices in MFA with Duo so you always have a method of authenticating, even when you can't use your primary method. Many options are available, so most people should be able to find two methods that work for them.

Enroll a second device with Duo using these instructions


UCSB smartphone icon

If you plan to use the Duo Mobile app with a smart device:

Enroll a Smartphone or Tablet via the Duo App - Smartphones are the easiest and most popular method of enrolling in Duo. Authenticating with your smartphone is quick and works with or without a WiFi or SMS connection. You can also authenticate with a smart device, such as a tablet. 

You have several options available if you have enrolled your smartphone or other device:

  • Send Me a Push - Duo sends an authentication request to your smartphone or device, you tap Approve, and you're in. This uses internet or cell connection and is the fastest method to authenticate. Watch a short YouTube video about how to use Duo push notifications
  • Enter a Passcode - The Duo app on your smartphone or device generates a code and you type it in. This method does not require an internet or cell connection.
  • Text Me - The Duo app sends you an SMS text message. This method requires cell connection.

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If you do not use a smartphone nor plan to use the app: 

Enroll a Cellphone via SMS - If you enroll a cellphone via SMS, you authenticate using the Text Me option. You will receive an SMS to authenticate your identity.

Enroll a Hard Token - A hard token is a keychain device that generates a passcode that you enter when you are authenticating with Duo. It does not require an internet or phone connection. You select the Enter a Passcode option and then type in the passcode that is displayed on your hard token. You can request a hard token by calling the IT Services Catalog at (805) 893-5000 (x5000).