Complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training by 1/31/2016

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Congratulations and thank you to the approximately 2,700 UCSB employees who completed the cybersecurity awareness training course so far! Your knowledge of cybersecurity best practices helps protect our campus from cyberattacks. If you have not taken the course, please complete it by January 31, 2016. It takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and is available in the UC Learning Center.

Each University of California employee is responsible for safeguarding information assets entrusted to the university. Cyber attackers target weaknesses in our servers, the campus network, office computers, and the devices you bring to campus. They only have to be successful once to cause significant damage. Studies show a substantial number of cyberattacks involve the unintended actions of information systems users. Effective cybersecurity awareness training significantly lowers risk.

The UC System now requires all UC employees on payroll with active status, regardless of previous training taken, to complete a designated cybersecurity awareness training course once a year. Employees must complete the course by January 31, 2016, or within 6 weeks for any subsequent new hires.

To login to the UC Learning Center:

1. Go to:

2. Log in with UCSBNetID and associated password.

3. The course will be on your Learner home page. Click “Start” to launch the training.


1. Copy and paste or type the following URL to access the Learning Center:

2. Select the “Go to Employee Logon” button.

3. Log in with your UCSBNetID and associated password.

4. The course will be on your Learner home page. Click “Start” to launch the training.

If you do not see the course in your Learner home page “To-Do” section:

1. Type “Cyber Security Awareness” (without quotes) in the Search field and click “Go”.

2. Click the “Start” button to launch the course.

Please direct questions regarding the course requirement and/or content to Thank you for taking the time to complete this course.