eduroam Wireless Service

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To: Campus Community

Fr: Matthew Hall, Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Re: eduroam Wireless Service

I want to announce the launch of eduroam, a new wireless service available in academic and administrative buildings throughout the campus.  This service has two main components – a new wireless network on our campuses and reciprocal access to this wireless network wherever it is broadcast around the world.  This reciprocal system enables UCSB students, faculty, and staff to securely access the eduroam wireless network off-campus at participating locations worldwide.  Additionally, visitors from any participating eduroam institution can securely connect to the eduroam wireless network while at UCSB using their own credentials.  UCSB wireless coverage areas are listed at


eduroam Locations

For a full list of the participating U.S. institutions, visit  All UC campuses and most CSU campuses have eduroam wireless access. 

For links to participating international institutions, visit


Getting Connected

Two connection options exist:

Option 1: Join the eduroam Wi-Fi network. Your account name must be entered in the form <Your_UCSBnetID>  Logins will fail if "" is not included.  Use your UCSBnetID password.  Note: This might not be your actual email address. Do not change it to match your email address.  This option will not work for all devices (e.g. Android).

Option 2: Join the UCSB Setup Wi-Fi network.  Open a web browser.  You will be sent to a page that will guide you through the configuration process. This option may provide you with a more secure connection.


For more information, please visit the eduroam page on the ETS website: