New Campus VPN Service

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TO:      The Campus Community

FR:       Kevin Schmidt, Acting Director of Networking, Communications & Security Services

RE:       New Campus VPN Service

ETS is proud to announce the availability of a new and improved Campus VPN service. The new Campus VPN service replaces the previous OpenVPN-based service. The OpenVPN-based service will no longer be available to users after Monday, March 6, 2017.

The new Campus VPN service can accommodate a larger number of concurrent users and provides high availability/redundancy. It supports a greater variety of client operating systems, including mobile clients for iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, and it provides an easier client configuration experience.

Users connecting to the old campus OpenVPN-based service during the 4-week transition period will receive notifications and reminders to migrate to the new service.

Documentation about the new VPN service, along with instructions for installation and usage of VPN client software, is available on the ETS web site:

Please report any issues, provide feedback, or ask questions to