ServiceNow Jakarta Upgrade

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On December 2 we’ll be upgrading our UCSB Production instance of ServiceNow to Jakarta Patch 5. This upgrade brings enhanced security as well as new and updated application features from the Istanbul and Jakarta releases of ServiceNow.   

While the upgrade will be mostly transparent for both end users and Fulfillers, I’ve described below a few enhancements you may notice.

If you find ServiceNow is not working as expected once we go live with Jakarta next Monday, December 4, please submit an  "ETSC Portal Problem" ticket (under "Software" in the ETS service catalog). For all other related questions or requests, use "Other ETSC Portal Services."

Service Desk Chat

·         The system that ETSC customers use to chat with the Service Desk will be upgraded to a new version called "Connect Chat." When customers initiate a chat from the ETSC Portal home page, they will be able to enter their chat questions directly without choosing a topic/service group first. In addition, they can access multiple active chat conversations as well as their five most recent closed chat conversations from the chat window.

·         Connect Chat also provides a new chat interface for Service Desk staff. This includes an enhanced view of chat queues, direct access to knowledge base and user information,  and the ability to include worknotes (not visible to customer) as well as comments in Chat records.

·         Finally, the new interface includes the ability for both customers and Fulfillers to add attachments to chat.

·         Connect Chat is part of a broader suite of interactive support tools, called Connect Support, introduced with the Geneva release in ServiceNow. To learn more about Connect Support, see

Responsive Dashboards

·         In addition to homepages, Fulfillers will be able to build dashboards as a way to view and access tickets, reports, and data in ServiceNow. Dashboards have a drag-and-drop canvas that lets you easily manipulate widgets. You can add multiple tabs, and you can share and collaborate on dashboards with other Fulfillers.

·         Go to Self Service > Dashboards to get started building dashboards. And if you have a personalized homepage, you can create a Dashboard view of it by clicking the gear icon ("Homepage Settings”) in the upper right of your homepage and choosing "Create Dashboard Version." In the Dashboard version, you can resize as well as reposition your widgets!

·         Details on creating and using dashboards are on the ServiceNow documentation site at For a video showing how to edit a dashboard, see


·         A new report designer that walks you through the report-creation process is included in the Jakarta release. The designer is displayed by default on the "Create New" or "Edit" report screens, but both of these screens also have a "Switch to Classic UI" link if you prefer the more familiar report building interface.

·         For details on how to build or edit reports with the new report designer, see

Navigation Menu

·         After the upgrade you may notice that we have streamlined the left-hand Application Navigator menu by hiding links to modules or items that are not currently in use at UCSB.

·         For a review of how to use the Application Navigator efficiently, see