Timekeeping Project News for June 2016

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Project Summary

The campus timekeeping guidelines document received final approval from executive sponsors. The previous lack of such standard guidance represented a barrier to further adoption of electronic timekeeping. The timekeeping guidelines will be reviewed during orientation sessions in June and then distributed to the campus.

The timekeeping support team is finalizing the objectives for the 90-Day Plan. A central goal of this planning effort is to provide the key milestones needed by UCPath such as the Version 8 upgrade, the design and development of the timekeeping interfaces, and a timeline for onboarding remaining departments.

Project Updates

Timekeeping Guidelines

Following the sponsors’ unanimous approval of the Timekeeping Guidelines in late April, the steering committee announced three System Speak information sessions in June to introduce the guidelines. Over 200 people attended. The video and slides of the session are posted on the ETS website. Next steps include formally announcing the guidelines and posting them online.

Kronos Version 8.0 Upgrade

We are planning a migration to the updated version of Kronos, pending the availability of a V8 service pack in late summer. This version of Kronos V8 completely removes the need for Java, alleviating many of the problems experienced by existing users.


We continue to socialize the change request for removing line item overtime approval, which is gaining support, and for importing leave balances from PPS. In addition, paid overtime hours for all biweekly employees began uploading automatically starting with the pay period ending May 21, 2016.

Service Updates

Transition to ETS Service Center

The transition to a ticketing process went smoothly, with the addition of a support analyst to manage the load and departments beginning to rely on the ETSC Portal.


The Solutions Committee created content for FAQs and job aids that reflect timekeeping processes and best practices. After the Timekeeping Guidelines are distributed, we expect to have the training material ready for review this month.