UCPath Project News for April 2016

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Project Summary

System-wide project leader, Bill Bonner and central PMO lead, Chris Lardakis visited UCSB on April 5 to meet with UCSB UCPath Project Manager, Maria Ayllon. They began the development of a 90-day road map to present to the local sponsors in late May. The purpose of this road-map is to prioritize and ramp up project activities while aligning them with other locations in UCSB’s deployment group: Davis, Irvine, Santa Cruz, and ANR.

Functional Delivery

The Project Management Office (PMO) continues to facilitate the design of future human resources, payroll, benefits, and academic personnel processes using a natural lifecycle process flow. A total of 60 out of 137 processes have been reviewed to date, with the team recently finalizing the review of all processes in the benefits module.

The team continues to be engaged in workforce administration processes (i.e. position management, pay rate changes, and job terminations) and has begun discovery of critical system configuration processes.

IT Delivery

The PMO is developing a strategy to support Student Information Systems & Technology, Academic Affairs IT, and Administrative and Residential IT in the planning of their implementation activities. Top priorities in this area include understanding the scope of work for the integration of UCPath local systems at UCSB, including the campus financial system, campus HR applications, and the academic personnel system, APFolio.

Workstream Status

Local Future State Process Design

Position Management: The PMO continues to lead the socialization of key findings for the new position management functionality with our Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC), and is now extending to include the hiring process. We understand where our current processes will need to change to support the future state using UCPath, and have documented our fit gap analysis. We have kicked off our central office transformation efforts for HR and APO and have started activities to engage appropriate campus stakeholders.

Hiring: The PMO has secured Future State Process Design (FSPD) Group endorsements for the process design phase of all hiring FSPDs. However, because there are still findings around the new work authorization, Form I9 process, we have placed this separate, but closely related, work authorization FSPD on hold. We look forward to better understand the new process, requirements, and tools needed to complete this critical hiring compliance task.

Job Changes: Workforce administration continues to progress quickly for the staff employee groups with few challenges using our future state operating model goal of adapting our current process to meet future requirements. However, with AP employee groups, the solidification of the Academic Pay Solution (APS) continues to hold forward progress in some areas. Nonetheless, APO continues to make workforce administration strides where APS is not the transaction modality.

Data Access and Availability

The project team continues to explore collaboration options with other campuses while preparing to receive the first batch of test data in late April. In the interim, the team is working on alternate solutions. This initial test data is masked production data from the UC Office of the President (UCOP) and is required for local technical integration activities.


The project manager will present at the next ABOG session scheduled for April 21. The Strategic Advisory Committee updated the Systems Communication Network roster in March; the roster will be updated on the ETS website in April. The communications lead is preparing distribution lists for the campus stakeholder groups identified in the communications plan. The communications lead also created a template for the project status updates, which will be used to report monthly project news to campus decision makers, project contributors, and central office staff.

Organizational Readiness

The organizational impact assessment with the Strategic Advisory Committee for position management and new hire processes is scheduled for April 28. This meeting will focus on getting a high level understanding of how these FSPDs impact their organizations and brainstorm ways to respond to them. The central office organizational transformation effort continues with the detailed change impact assessment of benefits FSPDs, which will be completed by April 29. The goal of this assessment is to identify all the change impacts of Benefits FSPDs to HR-Benefits Unit and their implications to the services that HR renders to campus.

New Activities

The PMO is leading the socialization of the Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) with project functional leaders and other key team members. We have reviewed and codified the latest option 4 system-wide design and have established high level guiding principles to aid the overall implementation approach. Finally, we have created an AWE matrix for all future employee class groups to manage centralized configuration and maintenance. The UCOP representatives have visited campus and infused a positive dose of energy and insight at many levels of project involvement. Their presence and input has been very helpful.