UCPath Project News (February 2016)

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The UCSB project team is busy preparing for UCPath. Current work in support of the project is divided into four workstreams:

Future State Process Designs

Payroll and personnel experts from UCSB divisions and colleges continue to analyze business requirements and develop recommendations for how local payroll, human resources, benefits, and academic personnel business processes impacted by UCPath will work on campus once the system is implemented. To date, the teams have worked on approximately 40 of the 100 processes slated for review.

Organizational Readiness

As a part of the Future State Process Design effort, the campus is documenting and analyzing how the new future state processes will change the work we do today. The project team will assess the change impacts with the Strategic Advisory Committee and additional stakeholders in departments as needed to plan strategies that promote a smooth transition to UCPath. In February, the project team presented an overview of position management to the Strategic Advisory Committee in preparation for organizational readiness discussions.

IT Delivery

The UCPath project team is the in the preliminary stages of defining the scope of technical activities required by the project. This includes systems integrations on campus, as well as reporting. Additional research is needed to identify additional campus systems that use payroll and personnel data to support downstream business processes. The scope of mission critical integrations on campus includes approximately 15 interfaces across 5 different systems:

  • Identity
  • Kronos
  • Student Information Systems
  • Parking
  • Campus Financial System.

PPS Data Cleanup

Human Resources, Academic Personnel, and Payroll, in collaboration with department PPS Preparers, continue to review PPS data in preparation for the critical data conversion activities required under UCPath.