UCPath Project News for June 2016

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Project Summary

The presentation of the 90-day-plan to campus Sponsors is postponed due to conflicting schedules. Planning and execution of critical plan tasks in the Functional and IT Delivery areas began with the objective of mitigating project risk related to project scope definition.

In addition, the campus PMO is working with the other campuses in the Deployment 1 group on the development of a common project plan. This plan will be developed during June, reviewed by the different project governance bodies during July, with the objective of completing it by early August.

Key campus stakeholders participated in the first all-day governance meeting for the Deployment Group 1 held at UC Irvine on June 9th.

Functional Delivery

The campus PMO initiated planning activities to support Future State Process Design (FSPD) activities in the area of Commitment Accounting and General Ledger Integration. Regular meetings with the FSPD group are in hold until these activities are completed in late July.

IT Delivery

The PMO met with Academic Affairs IT on May 24 to discuss their scope of work on UCPath with the objective of developing a plan to complete this work. Similar meetings with other IT partners include:

  • Kronos integration with UCPath (June 21)
  • Parking integration with UCPath (June 23)
  • Campus Financial System integration with UCPath (July 20)

Workstream Status

Local Future State Process Design

Position Management & Related Functionality: The PMO is facilitating a campus decision regarding implementing the Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) and e-Performance modules through systemwide resource conversations, internal assessments and campus stakeholder conversations. Functional leadership is planning to socialize findings with key sponsors to solidify a campus position.

Organizational Readiness

The PMO socialized the Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) with the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) on May 12 and 26. The first session laid the foundation for understanding about the new AWE concepts. The second session provided a closer look at the AWE approval steps for three levels: Divisional, Cluster, and Departmental.

Development of the Strengths Builder workshop was completed on May 27. HR’s organizational impact assessments for Position Management and Absence Management will begin in June. The workshops for Strengths Builder and Strategic Planning moved to July and August to accommodate HR’s schedule of events.


A standalone UCPath project website for the UCSB community will be completed in late June in anticipation of more frequent project news. Additionally, the UCPath project team will present a project update at the next Systems Speak information session scheduled for Thursday, July 21 from11am-noon in the UCen Santa Barbara Harbor Room.