02/19/2015 Timekeeping Project News (February 2015)
02/13/2015 Campus Fiber Damage, Buildings 555, 342 and Various Residence Halls Offline
02/13/2015 Director of Infrastructure Appointment
02/11/2015 Electronic Timekeeping Training Videos
02/06/2015 Phishing Regarding the Anthem Data Breach
01/29/2015 Cybersecurity Tips from the FBI
01/29/2015 UC Learning Center Upgrade
01/29/2015 Administrative Services Distributed File System downtime from 8pm-midnight on February 4
01/28/2015 Financial System Project News (January 2015)
01/26/2015 FBI Public Service Announcement (University Payroll Scam)
01/22/2015 Timekeeping Project News (January 2015)
01/22/2015 UCPath Project News (January 2015)
01/13/2015 January 20 Systems Speak Info Session Will Focus on PeopleSoft Financials
01/13/2015 Free Access to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for UCSB Students
01/12/2015 Cybersecurity Awareness Training
01/06/2015 Voicemail Server Defrag Tomorrow at 6:00am
12/22/2014 Campus Power Outage on January 3 from 6am - 12pm
12/18/2014 EnterprisingUCSB: Free IT Research Resources, Managing Passwords, and Major Project Updates
12/17/2014 UCPath: Planning & Design
12/17/2014 Timekeeping Rollout Update
12/17/2014 Testing the Financial System
12/17/2014 Tips for Selecting & Managing Passwords
12/15/2014 Enterprise Technology Service Center: December 2014 Update
12/01/2014 Electronic Timekeeping (Kronos) Project Governance
11/25/2014 Network Service Outage on November 29
11/24/2014 Service Outage on November 28 affecting Connect Email, UCSBnetID logins, and Wireless Internet Access
11/19/2014 MS Active Domain vulnerability; Patch now
11/12/2014 November 2014 Financial System Project News
11/12/2014 Watch the ETS Fall Forums: Enterprise IT Governance, Common Good Fee, IT Strategic Roadmap and Project Updates
10/09/2014 Save The Dates: Business IT Forum & Systems Speak
10/07/2014 Save The Date: IT Forum on November 4
09/26/2014 Urgent Information Security Vulnerability
09/25/2014 Bash Vulnerability
09/23/2014 New ETS Service Request Forms
09/23/2014 2014 Annual Report Now Available
08/22/2014 EnterprisingUCSB: IT Needs Survey, Preventing Data Breaches and More News from ETS
06/26/2014 Kronos Version 7 Upgrade: What to Expect
06/17/2014 Scheduled campus network outage
06/13/2014 Enterprising Projects: Kronos Training and updates on Connect & UCPath
05/30/2014 Library IT Service Desk Committee formed
05/30/2014 Kronos Version 7 Training for Managers/Supervisors
05/21/2014 Kronos Version 7 Training for Timekeepers and Payroll Managers
05/20/2014 Library IT Helpdesk and Workstation Support Management Is Being Transferred to ETS
05/20/2014 EnterprisingUCSB: Enterprise IT Governance, Mobile Device Security, Library Tech Support and More News from ETS
05/15/2014 Systems Speak Info Session on UCPath
05/06/2014 Overview of Web Standards
04/30/2014 Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash exploits
04/29/2014 UCPath Progress Newsletter: Future State Process Design Review Update
04/22/2014 Campus-wide IT Needs Survey
04/16/2014 Watch the IT Forum on GauchoCast