Java Free Version of Kronos for Managers Released

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By Shajan Kay, Business Relationship & Service Manager

A major goal of the team working on the Electronic Timekeeping service is to make the service more accessible in our diverse campus IT environment. We are currently focused on reducing the number of users who need Java to access Kronos.

  • In 2014, we eliminated the need for non-managers/supervisors to use Java.
  • Last summer, we made a non-Java display profile available for managers.


This “Java free” version makes it much easier to review and approve timecards, but it does not allow for overtime approvals or entering comments on timecards. If overtime approval is needed on an infrequent basis, a manager must email their Timekeeper/Payroll Manager to approve the overtime on the manager’s behalf.

In September 2015, 30 departments decided to allow their managers to opt-in to the Java free version of Kronos. 159 managers ultimately requested the new version, and the feedback from those managers is that it is much easier and simpler to use.

Several departments decided to convert their entire management staff to the Java free version. The Gevirtz Graduate School of Education transitioned all non-payroll managers and timekeepers to this version to reduce access issues that cropped up periodically with the Java-dependent version.

“While there are some restrictions in functionality, we have been able to identify ways around those issues,” said Dorothy Satomi, Assistant Dean of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. “We have implemented a process for overtime approvals outside of the system, since these only happen occasionally for employees. In a case where a manager will need to approve overtime more regularly, our local implementation committee agreed that would be the time to explore temporarily returning them to the Java-dependent version for that period. For us, the tradeoff of these small work-arounds and outside processes is worth not having to maintain Java on the computers of our 30+ faculty and staff managers.”

The Library converted half their management staff to the Java free display. “We currently have 36 Workforce Managers using the Java free view of Kronos. We experienced only minor issues at the start as people were learning how to interact with and navigate the interface,” said Ryan George, Academic & Staff Human Resource Analyst for the Library. “I anticipate that more of the existing managers will move to the Java free view and I plan for the Java free view to be the default option for the new managers.” The Library uses the scheduling tool within Kronos that requires Java. Library managers who use the scheduling tool were not converted to the Java free display.

The Electronic Timekeeping project team will continue to work on additional solutions to resolve accessibility issues related to this service.