Communications Tool Kit

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Do you have IT news to share? Please contact us early in your planning (at least five business days) so we can assist in writing a story and getting it posted in a timely manner. Use our ETS News/Email Template to provide the information necessary for drafting your message. It is important that you fact check the content you provide (e.g. all text, official names of programs, titles, phone numbers, website links, etc.). Email the completed form to or schedule a meeting with us to discuss the specifics. The template asks for the following:

  • Sample Heading/Subject Line
  • Audience/List Serve
  • Bulleted list of main points covered in the article
  • Preferred go-live date
  • Any follow up information, a contact or website with additional resources
  • Related links

Our team will draft the article, proof the content, and obtain necessary approvals before sending it to the email list you request. The article will also be posted online in ETS News.


A variety of templates are available for use by ETS staff.

ETS Style Guide

Have a question about formatting a document, spelling a service name, or using a logo? The OCIO & ETS Visual Identity and Style Guidelines is available for staff reference.