Systems Communications Network

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The Systems Communication Network supports robust communications for PMO projects.

How It Works

At least one person (plus a backup) in each department or organizational unit:

  • understands the reasons for and the goals of the changes as well as who will be impacted;
  • receives and distributes PMO communications;
  • ensures that target audiences understand how systems impact their department or unit;
  • escalates issues to the PMO and/or their liaison on the UCPath Strategic Advisory Committee; and
  • participates in ongoing campus readiness surveys.

Tips for Sharing Information

Use this brief list of helpful tips to improve communication in your department surrounding systems implementations.


A primary contact and a back-up contact have been assigned to each department on campus. A liaison on the UCPath Strategic Advisory Committee has been assigned to each department contact.

Need to contact the PMO? Email Matt Erickson.

Systems Communication Network Roster (Google Doc)