Connect Sites

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Connect Sites is a website hosting and content management service that differs from basic website hosting in that it provides for easy self-editable content, simple web forms you can create on-the-fly, and myriad advanced features that are available via plug-in "modules". Our service provides hosting along with ongoing maintenance and management to ensure 24x7x365 availability, performance, and security.

We are excited to annouce our transtion to Pantheon's commercial Drupal & Wordpress hosting platform which includes the Fastly cloud edge platfrom and managed HTTPS via Let's Encrypt. ETS is joining with LSIT, ECI and other campus units in this joint project. As of February 2019 approximately 175 sites are hosted at Pantheon including,, and of course this site.

Connect Sites is CGF (Common Good Fee) suppoted. There is no direct recharge for basic sites affiliated with UCSB departments, faculty, or programs. Sites requiring above basic allocations that are sponsored by UCSB initiatives are also generally hosted under CGF. i.e.

Our service specifically excludes:

  • Initial website design and development. You have two on-campus providers for Drupal site design we know of:
  • Ongoing site updates required by platform changes — Major version updates to the Drupal or Wordpress platform may require design changes to your site which you'll need to coordinate with your site developers. We recommend planning to undergo a site upgrade every 4-5 years. The Panntheon environment provides DEV, TEST and LIVE versions of your site as well as version control tools to faciliate in managing and updating your site.