Hard Drive Destruction Service

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ETS staff at North Hall Data Center (NHDC) will take custody of hard drives that UCSB customers wish to have destroyed and securely destroy them. ETS uses a NSA/DoD rated degausser (SEM EMP 1000) and hole punch (SEM Model-0101) to securely wipe data and destroy the drive. ETS will dispose of, or recycle, the drive remnants. We will provide to you a chain of custody / destruction record reporting drive make/model, serial number and date of destruction for your records.

To use the service:

Download and complete the Hard Drive Destruction Service Custody Tracking Record. Then if you have:

15 Drives or less – walk up service at NHDC during normal business hours as posted on the NHDC Service Description. Please one drop off per week, per department.

16 Drives or more –  With your completed Custody Tracking Record, head over to the Enterprise Technology Service Center, login with your UCSBNetID, search for "Hard Drive Destruction", submit a service request and upload your completed form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to  arrange a time for you to deliver you hard drives to NHDC.

For more information please contact us at ETS-NHDC@UCSB.EDU.