Service Description

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NHDC Facility Description

NHDC is a 4500 square foot facility designed to house up to 105 42U racks. The available cooling and power utilities determine the actual facility limits for installed IT equipment.

The layout is a traditional raised floor design with all power and network distribution being overhead and the plumbing for liquid cooling distribution being underfloor.

Ther are four main Air Handler Units (AHU) delivering cold air via the underfloor used as a plenum, with overhead return air via the open ceiling space. Approximately 115 Tons of cooling is provided by these AHUs.

A facility UPS of 162kW backed by a 400kW diesel generator is available for power continutity.  We will place customer equipment within the facility in a manner that optimizes power distribution and the underfloor cooling.

Two emergency chillers of 20 and 40 Ton capacity respectively, are powered by the 400kW generator during outages. Of the 60 Tons, approximately 10 are used for UPS and Core Network equipment cooling.  This leaves approximately usable 50 Tons (175 kW of heat rejection) for cooling hosting customer IT equipment in the event of a utility power outage. Utlitmately this 50 tons would be dedicated to critical IT equipment cooled by rack level liquid cooling via the NHDC internal chilled water loop., though there is no plan at present to pre-install any rack liquid cooling.

An approved dry pipe pre-action data center fire suppression system with VESDA is installed throughout. 

With NHDC staffed 40 hours out of 168 hours in the week, we will need to deploy a software automation system will be used to assure a timely electrical shutdown of the facility. NDCC today reports criticial temperature information to customers at . 

NHDC Baseline Service Description

NHDC baseline services are funded by UCSB and there are no associated rates for equipment falling within the baseline service. UCSB Senior management wants the NHDC to meet the needs of the widest possible audience. The baseline service has been built around the most common equipment in the commercial IT space. 

1)    NHDC is a fully maintained facility with all building infrastructure and other technologies under continuous maintenance programs reasonable and customary for a data center. Approximately 4500 square feet of space is available for the placement of up to 105 racks and associated support infrastructure. The NHDC is designed to local specifications that fall within a subset of the Tier 1 ANSI/TIA Data Center Standards.

2)    Primary cooling capacity is via the campus chilled water loop. Secondary emergency cooling is from two locally installed electric chillers with a total 60 Tons of capacity. 

3)    Our racks are 42U, 24” wide, 42” deep with up to 38U of available space. For customers with less than full rack needs, racks will be shared. Special coordination is required for those customers:

a) bringing pre-populated racks dimensionally identical to the NHDC standard. 
b) bringing atypical equipment, large computing equipment, or 
c) large quantities of computing equipment generating a high heat load. 

4)    All racks are mounted on zone 4 ISO-Base platforms for seismic protection.

5)    All rack and equipment placement is at the discretion of NHDC Management, who will make a best effort for any specific requests customers might have. Please note our cabling standards do not allow for inter-rack cable bundles, and any private inter-rack networking not using the NHDC provided network must be done using trunks and cabled according to NHDC networking standards.

6)    Available power of 208V to 240V at 30A – two per rack. Our power distribution units are ServerTech or APC type smart strips. All power cables are supplied by NHDC.

7)    UPS power backed by an emergency generator is available up to the 162kW capacity of the data center. Customers may not place individual UPS’s within the racks as this makes it effectively impossible for NHDC to do an emergency power shutdown.

8)    The NHDC is subject to the environmental conditions of the campus and the region. Planned outages involving all equipment within NHDC will be uncommon, but occasionally necessary for certain types of maintenance activity. Scheduled maintenance will be posted on the NHDC Calendar . Unplanned outages involving the campus or the region will receive a best effort response from the NHDC team. There is a email list of all owners, contacts and interested parties, maintained by NHDC Management and used as the information distribution mechanism. All owners and contacts are automatically added to this list. There is also a separate alert list used for environmental events and other operational notifications useful to system administrators of hosted equipment. 

9)    NHDC staff will provide consultation and planning for the intake and placement of customer equipment. This includes appropriate power, cooling and networking. The customer must supply the equipment written specifications as input to this process. See the "Doing Business with NHDC" page for more information.

10)    Intake and outtake are the responsibility of the customer’s designated agent(s). These may only occur during business hours (8 - 5 M-F) and scheduled with NHDC. Appointments will be made such that there is only one intake or outtake process occurring at any one time. Special off hours events are possible, but must be coordinated in advance with NHDC personnel.

11)    NHDC maintains an asset management system listing all customer equipment within the facility. The intake and outtake processes are coordinated with NHDC personnel maintaining this asset information.

12)    NHDC provides top of rack network switching of 1GbE with up to (4) ports per server. It is expected that customers will use the NHDC network for inter-rack communications. By special arrangement, customers with multiple adjacent racks may run connecting trunks between racks if needed for private networking. 10 GbE links to the NHDC network are possible under special arrangement. In general, the customer does not need to provide network switching or routing equipment.  

13)    Network connection(s) to assigned ports in the rack switch are the responsibility of the customer’s designated agent(s). 10 GbE uplink style connections are done by special arrangement. All customer equipment to top of rack switching interconnects are supplied by NHDC. If the customer has a different connection requirement, they will be responsible for the acquisition of the appropriate cabling. The labeling system components are also supplied by the NHDC. In general, the customer does not generally need to supply any network cabling.

14)    The NHDC requires adherence to cabling standards in all racks – both shared and unshared. NHDC staff will inspect and dress cabling as is necessary for compliance, or require that hosting customer bring their cablings into compliance.

15)    The NHDC is staffed 8 hours per day, normally 5 business days per week. NHDC personnel will make a best effort for extraordinary situations requiring an off hours presence. These must be pre-coordinated at least one business day in advance.

16)    NHDC staff will provide limited consulting, a checklist of new customer considerations, policies and Service Level Agreement document requiring customer acceptance, and the necessary NHDC support for a successful customer intake and go-live process.

17)    The Service Level Agreement is signed by a departmental representative with the authority to represent that department’s equipment within the NHDC. The Equipment Intake document specifies the names of up to two individuals as authorized SysAdmin who can act on that customer’s behalf, or the name of the campus organization that will act as their designated agent.

18)    It is generally expected that physical access to the equipment within the NHDC is an unusual circumstance. Only authorized individuals will be allowed access to NHDC. Please see the Data Center Access, Etiquette & Security page for additional information.

19)    NHDC is a first floor facility. The equipment assembly room and main data center floor have ramp access for movement of heavy equipment.

20)    The NHDC team will provide environmental information with a network based system. This system will provide information about power and temperature conditions that may be of interest to the customer. All software implementation for the reception and handling of these events is a customer responsibility. This system design is still in progress and will be documented on this site when it is complete.

21)    The NHDC team will maintain a web site for NHDC information distribution. 

22)    Customers having equipment in NHDC will be automatically signed up to the NHDC mailing lists for information distribution. Information of a more general type will also be sent to the list.

23)    In unusual circumstances, at customer request, NHDC will perform remote power down / up operations on the designated customer equipment. Suitable identity verification is required.

24)    NHDC staff will forward customer comments, requests for service modification, or other communications related to the Operation of NHDC to the NHDC Governance / Advisory Committee(s).

25)    NHDC staff will supply the design for any special process necessitated by irregular circumstances. Any such new designs or changes to existing designs must be approved by the NHDC executive steering group.

26)    For unusual circumstances not covered by other NHDC guidelines, the Associate Director, Computer Center & Virtual Infrastructure Services, is authorized to handle on a best judgment basis.

Please see the NHDC Service Level Agreement for additional information.