VSaaS - Video Security as a Service

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ETS has partnered with a commercial Video Surveillance provider to deliver a managed, supported, scalable, and cost efficient “one-stop” service.

VSaaS Description

The service provides 24x7x365 access to video recorded from cameras installed at your location. Your video is presented via a web portal in a timeline format for searching, review and downloading. Video with motion is uploaded in real-time to the customer portal, is generally no older than 90 seconds, and 30 days of recorded video are stored. Real time camera monitoring is possible but requires specific design requirements that may not be feasible in all customer locations. Customers are issued user accounts specific to their cameras.

ETS coordinates and manages the service offering for the customer including System Design, Camera Installation and Configuration, Customer User Administration, Camera Subscription Management, Contract Administration, and Customer Billing. Customer will designate a specific service contact with which we will coordinate the service.

Using the Service

Once contacted by a potential VSaaS customer ETS will:

  • Meet with the customer to review the customer’s video monitoring needs, possibly recommending professional system design services in more complex situations
  • Recommend potential solutions for customer approval, including approximate costs for each solution.

One-time customer costs are the cost of system design, cameras, installation, network enhancements to support the cameras (if necessary), and any value-added services. Customer recurring costs are the annual video camera monitoring subscription, preventive camera maintenance, and any costs with selected value-added services.

If the customer elects to proceed ETS will:

  • Order cameras and supporting network equipment on customer’s behalf
  • Coordinate the installation and configuration of cameras on customer’s behalf
  • Subscribe customer’s cameras to the VSaaS service
  • Create customer camera group and user account
  • Provide introductory training in use of the VSaaS service
  • Provide instructions on how to access VSaaS vendor Customer Support for portal usage
  • Coordinate post-installation camera field service, replacement at prevailing time and materials rates. 

For more information please contact Thomas Howard at thomas.howard@ucsb.edu

Additional Service Information